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Twice is Nice & Twice the Man

Twice is Nice and Twice the Man are consignment shops located in Uptown Waterloo.  If you are looking for quality clothing at a fraction of the price, then this is the place to go!  They have gently used name brand clothes that are currently fashionable.  They have an amazing selection to choose from with inventory changing constantly, so it is a good idea to visit the store often.

High Quality at a Fraction of the Price!

When a consigner brings their previously loved clothes in to sell at Twice is Nice & Twice the Man, Debra and her team inspect the item to make sure it is in pristine condition.  Everything in the store is carefully inventoried and they only select clothes that are one or two years old still trendy. Most items are marked at 60% to 90% off the regular price!  You save a lot of money by shopping at a consignment store and you can be very stylish all at the same time!

What Makes Twice is Nice/Twice the Man Unique?

Twice is Nice is a destination shop because of its off beat location in the Atrium in Uptown Waterloo.  Their sales associates are very honest, especially when giving their opinion of items you are trying on.  They have a high level of integrity and look after the clothing as if its their own.  If someone marks up the item when trying it on and does not buy the item, they will take it home, wash it up and make sure it’s freshly pressed.  This is the type of high quality service and product offered at the store.

Unique Pieces … from All Over the World

Consignment stores are unique by definition since their product differs all the time.    Twice is Nice and Twice the Man have an even larger advantage than standard consignment shops because of their proximity to the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier.   The difference is they get clothing from all of the world, and it is not clothing from the students!  Debra told us that it is the University professors who teach or travel abroad that bring the items back and eventually consign them.  It gives shopper the opportunity to buy some incredibly unique pieces that nobody else will have.

Community Connection:

If a product does not sell, the owner is called and asked if they would like to pick up the item or forfeit the item.  If they choose to forfeit the item, it is then given to charity.  These charities include House of Friendship, Out of the Cold, Soul for Shoes, Under the Bridge and various women’s shelters.

Products Carried

 Womens (Size 2/4 up to 20) and Mens (S to XXXL with 50 being the largest suit size) clothing as well as maternity wear, shoes and purses.

Looking for Accessories? Debra also owns FAB Favourite Accessory Boutique! Also located in the Atrium.

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