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Junior Achievement – Waterloo Region

Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region

Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region

Junior Achievement provides Waterloo Region programs that teach young people how to save and invest, prepare them with skills required in today’s business world and foster their entrepreneurial ambitions. It ensures that there will be a generation – after ours – that is able to support itself and those in need.

For over 40 years, Junior Achievement of Waterloo Region has been delivering financial literacy and business classes to our Region’s students. With age-appropriate curriculum, we teach young people about earning a living and managing money. We give them an opportunity to explore the joys and the challenges of running their own business.
With personal bankruptcies at a record high in Canada – and the average household owing more in consumer debt than its annual income – now more than ever we need to make sure our children manage their careers and their money wisely.
Our programming prepares our young people with the skills to succeed not only locally, but in the global economy.

How can you help?

Our annual reach into Waterloo Region schools has peaked at 13,000 students in the past few years. While we’re pleased to be able to have an impact on these fortunate students, there are tens of thousands more in our school system who are not given this very important opportunity. Here’s how you can help:

  • Advocate – encourage your child’s educators to include a Junior Achievement program in their curriculum
  • Donate – Our modest budget relies heavily on funding through corporate and individual donations. The cost of putting one child through a JA program is $30
  • Volunteer – Our classes are delivered by volunteer business professionals. If we are to deliver programming to more students we will need more volunteers
  • Attend our fundraising events – Our Theatre Event is held in March at the St Jacobs Country Playhouse, Golf Tournament in June at Rockway Golf Club and Business Spirit Awards in November where we give congratulations to individuals and organizations that support youth in business.




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