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Roaster’s Delight: A Guide to the Best Independent Coffee Roasters in Waterloo

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February 16, 2014


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Roaster’s Delight: A Guide to the Best Independent Coffee Roasters in Waterloo

coffee beansWhile there are plenty of cafes to choose from that will give you the kick you need to start your day, there also happen to be a few local Waterloo coffee shops that roast their own beans! Whether you’re looking for a comfy cafe to sit down in or you just want to enjoy a well-roasted brew, here are some great places to try a cup in and around Waterloo.


Enjoy Waterloo’s Only Roastery at Aroma Cafe

Located in The Atrium on Erb Street, Aroma Cafe is Waterloo’s only coffee roaster. With a cozy but sophisticated atmosphere, this is the ideal place to enjoy the best Waterloo has to offer in coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and every other kind of specialty coffee beverages that you can imagine. As more than just a coffee roaster, you can also sit down and enjoy a selection of muffins, scones and deli items, or choose from a selection of unique giftware. With coffee blends like Black Magic (a blend of Sumatra and Kenya) and a tea called Formosa Gunpowder (featuring a compelling, smoky taste), this is the best place in Waterloo to begin if you’re looking for something new in your cup!


A Cup to Be Savoured at Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Named after the writer Honoré de Balzac, who liked to indulge in a strong brew, this cafe is the brainchild of Diana Olsen, who developed her passion for coffee in Paris’s most famous cafes. While Balzac’s first cafe opened in Stratford, Ontario in 1996, there are now seven different locations that focus on the same good coffee and offer an inviting and historic atmosphere. This café is the perfect place to indulge in some sweet treats or meet up with a good friend for an afternoon chat. If you stop by you may want to consider trying the Atwood blend, a bird friendly coffee blend developed with the Canadian author Margaret Atwood to raise funds for the Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO).


Coffee with a Conscience at Detour’s Cafe

Opened in 2011, Detour’s is located in Dundas, Ontario – but if you’re looking for the right kind of cup, you might not mind the drive. While this cafe has grown a bit since its inception, it still roasts in small batches to ship out to its customers for maximum flavour and freshness. Started solely as a coffee roaster, this company has now expanded into a cafe where you can enjoy all the accoutrements of a traditional coffee shop along with the expertise that goes into making its coffee selections top notch. As a cafe that is conscientious about the environment, you can feel good about your cup of Joe at Detour’s. This café uses the Loring Smart Roaster, which produces less greenhouse gas emissions and uses reusable buckets made from recycled plastic.


If you’re recently purchased some Waterloo real estate and you’re looking for some of the area’s best coffee roasters, there are a few to be had in and around Waterloo. Offering more than just coffee, these cafes are a great way to pass the day – whether you just want to try out a new brew or you’re looking for that perfect cup.



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