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K-W Christmas Idea Suggestions

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November 21, 2013


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K-W Christmas Idea Suggestions

parking-carriage-ride-posterFirst thing people do when Christmas roles around is go to the mall.  Bah humbug I HATE the mall.  I mean, we have really nice malls and all but they’re busy, there are always lineups and in all reality, I would like to avoid it at all costs.  Now you’re saying “well, if you don’t go to the mall, then where do you shop?”


– Looking for Kameleon Jewelry or other accessories? Check out FAB (In the Atrium in Waterloo)

– Want stylish clothing? Check out Taya (King St, Kitchener & St. Jacobs), Andies (King Street, Uptown Waterloo)

– A Day at the Spa – Gina’s (Regina St, Uptown Waterloo) or The Waters (Erb St, Uptown Waterloo)

– Some *Bling* – Hatashita Diamond Centre (King St, Uptown Waterloo)


– Sharp dressed man: Channers (King St, Uptown Waterloo), Paul Puncher (Regina St, Uptown Waterloo)

– For the man who loves Cigars: Walper Tobacconist (King St, Kitchener)


– Clothes, clothes, clothes: Gloss (King St, Kitchener), Skirt (King St, Uptown Waterloo),  Denim Bar (Uptown Waterloo), More Than Half Clothing (8 King St, Kitchener) Arch Cloathing at Civilian Printing (1 Queen St N, Downtown Kitchener)


– Tadpole Children’s Shop (Willis Way, Uptown Waterloo)

– Toy Soup (King St, St. Jacobs)


– Who doesn’t LOVE a book? Check out Wordsworth Books instead of heading to Chapters

– Love a great movie? Why not passes to Princess Cinema

– There are some GREAT events taking place at the Centre in the Square…who wouldn’t LOVE tickets?

– Unique item’s can be found at Harmony by Earthwinds (Uptown Waterloo)

– Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea? Check out Distinctly Tea (Uptown Waterloo), Xtea Co (King St, Kitchener)

– Everyone needs a little Candy from Santa this holiday so check out Candy Candy Candy (Queen St S, Kitchener)

– THEMUSEUM is always a great place to check out!  It’s fun for the whole family!


The benefits of shopping locally can be SO rewarding!  As MORE incentive to shop locally, Downtown Kitchener is offering FREE Carriage rides from 5:30pm – 9:30pm every FRIDAY from Nov 22 – Dec 20!  You can also get FREE parking at City of Kitchener parking garages (city hall, Duke & Ontario, Kitchener Market, Charles & Benton, Civic District) when you shop at a participating retailer!  So this holiday season I CHALLENGE you to shop at independent stores & support people in our own community!


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