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Hot Wheels Tea House

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October 7, 2013


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Hot Wheels Tea House

Hot Wheels Tea HouseThere is a new Chinese Tea shop in Uptown Waterloo – the Hot Wheels Tea House. It’s located where Eldon Gallery used to be.

When I lived in Taiwan for a decade (the 90’s) tea shops were always the place to kill time between gigs, meet friends, study or just sit and watch traffic go by.

Besides tea, (lots of kinds of tea, including oolong tea, high mountain tea, black teas, green teas), coffee shops served up a lot of coffee, cappuccino,  bubble teas and juices. On the menu, the food tended to by very simple, thick toast with peanut butter, Chinese pastries – mystery buns we’d call them as you were never quite sure what might be inside (shaved pork? red bean paste?). But whatever it was, it was always a short but adventurous ride on the tastebuds express.

A little earlier this year, I visited Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant on Victoria Street in Kitchener. There, the food is the real deal. I wrote, “Hot Wheels is a typical Chinese restaurant from days gone by. The tablecloths are white plastic sheets. Chairs aren’t very comfortable and the place is noisy and crowded with tables. But the food is the real deal”.

I walked by Hot Wheels Tea House in UpTown Waterloo yesterday afternoon. I didn’t go in but I looked in. It looks like the real deal too. Same owners. Rumor has it they own Lai Lai too.

Where: 14 King St N, Waterloo


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