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September 14, 2013


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ScreamparkBingemans will open the haunted gates of Screampark for the eight year on September 27th to mark the start of the screaming season. Last year the park was filled with the shrieks and curdling screams of petrified guests that left them wanting more! Our chicken count has never been higher which left a total of 1115 guests who couldn’t bear the thought of what might lie around the next corner.


Ward 13: Locked away from the world, the deranged inhabitants of Ward 13 were deserted. With nothing to stop them, the patients have been left to come up with new torture methods. The cold, sterile interior sends shivers up your spine. The cold sweat of panic grips you as you are overcome with terror.

Karnivor: The sounds of carnival rides and sinister laughter fill the air as you wander towards the decrepit building. The fog is so thick that only the smell of stale popcorn, rotting candy apples and reeking funnel cakes guide you through the haze. Your heart beats faster as the screams of horror mix with the pounding music. The chaos around you overwhelms your senses as you panic, trying to find an escape.

Catacombs: Deep in the woods lies a relic from the past. The tomb, once a place of holiness, is now corrupt by the dead that reside there; the air thick with the moans and pleas of the dead. The skulls that line the walls close in, as the labyrinth winds deeper and deeper into the earth. Close your eyes and pray you make it out alive.

As well as Zombie Shooting Gallery, The Voodoo Lounge and The Last Ride

Where: Bingeman’s

When: Opening September 27, 2013

For more information please visit website


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