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Baden Coffee Company

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September 23, 2013


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Baden Coffee Company

Baden Coffee CompanyBaden Coffee Company is a boutique coffee roaster that has an on-site retail store and café. Roasting coffee on a daily basis, it’s a true small town treasure. The new café is very comfortable. A small Java Master Custom Coffee Roaster right in the café produces a strong roast coffee aroma and you can watch Charlie in action at the larger Jabez Burns Roaster inside.

The Baden Coffee Company was founded in 1997. It supplies its own high quality signature coffees to over 300 businesses in the Southern Ontario region. These businesses consist of cafes, restaurants, universities, hospitals, nursing homes and offices. Chances are that you’ve had Baden coffee before. For those who want to enjoy Baden Coffee at home, its worth the short drive to Baden to the retail outlet.

Choose from exotic choices of green coffee beans such as: Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, Indian Monsoon, Sumatra, Ethiopian, and Kenya AA.

Where: 1427 Gingerich Road, Baden

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