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Taco Farm

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August 12, 2013


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Taco Farm

Taco Farm I was at Taco Farm on Friday. Finally. I’ve tried to go a couple of times before as Taco Farm being my current “destination restaurant”, but I’ve been waylaid and fore-longed in my past attempts. So, as I was just bumbling by, and it being lunchtime, I stopped in.

It’s a big place, high ceilings with windows all the way up on two sides. You can sit in the windows and watch the traffic come up the hill (Erb Street) and split up Albert or stop at the light at King. I sat along the wooden lunch counter and looked into the stainless, open kitchen at the tortilla making machine and a box of avocados.

I love avocados. Many years ago when I was working on a kibbutz in Israel, I most enjoyed my mornings in the fields, high in the treetops picking avocados. I’d be at the top in my little mechanical bucket of the “cherry picker” enjoying the cool early morning winter air, picking ripe avocados – I love the feel of their bumpy skin. One morning, two attack helicopters heading to the boarder of Lebanon flew overhead, right above the treetops scaring the bejesus out of me, but that’s another story.

Taco Farm The service at Taco Farm is lightening fast. Within a minute of siting down, my server appeared with a bottle of water and basket of chips. There was salsa, of course and three little squeeze bottles of sauce. Habanero, chipotle, and pineapple. I like saying habanero but I liked the the taste of the pineapple best. The other two were just hot. There must have been a dozen or more people working at lunchtime, servers, tortilla makers, hostesses…a regular hive of activity. I ordered and before another minute and a half, my order was served up. That’s fast, lightening fast.

I had two smoked pork belly tacos and a small tomato and cucumber salad. The tacos are small but overstuffed, very flavorful, very unlike the tacos you make at home. The food is so fresh you don’t mind that it is a little pricey for lunch.

Where: 8 Erb Street West, Waterloo

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