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Thai Bistro

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July 1, 2013


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Thai Bistro

Thai Bistro Oh no, he’s writing about Thai food again.

If you like Thai food, real spicy Thai food then you must visit Thai Bistro in Belmont Village. For me, it is a place I frequent on a regular basis not only because its within walking distance to where we live in UpTown Waterloo, but also because I lived in Asia for more than a decade (more than a decade ago) and I miss the fiery goodness of a hot hot bowl of noodles.

The food is hot. It’s very hot.

And it has the subtle flavours hiding behind the hotness that linger confidently on the sides of your tongue waiting there casually to make you happy.

Speaking of casual, it’s a really simple restaurant with only six or eight tables. When I first visited, shortly after they first opened, the kitchen was openly in view from the seating area. This is true asian style, where you can hear the banging of the pots and woks and see the smoke and flame and smell the spices.

They closed in the kitchen now which I guess is a good thing as it makes you focus on your food.

Where: 735 Belmont Ave. West, Kitchener

For more information please visit website.


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