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Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant

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July 15, 2013


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Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant

Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant When I was a kid, I had lots and lots of Matchbox cars. I also had a great number of Dinky, Corgi and Hotwheels. I used to line them up and play with them all the time. I always had one or two in my pockets. And then, one year for Christmas I got a Hot Wheels track with a loop and a jump. It was very simple, but I would spend hours with my cars shooting them down the track, loop-ti-loop, a little jump and out the end.

Fun, for an eight year old.

Last week, I went to Kitchener’s newest Chinese Restaurant – Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant. I was hoping that there was some connections to the toy but sadly there isn’t. (I’m sure when Mattel finds out there will be a copyright infringement suit filed).

The food however, will have you racing your little hot rod or shaggen’ wagon down Victoria Street for more.

Hot Wheels Chinese Restaurant Dim Sum is why. All those succulent streamed pork dumplings, fried white carrot cakes, ow ah, the food is fabulous. This is the real deal.

Hot Wheels is a typical Chinese restaurant from days gone by. The table cloths are white plastic sheets. Chairs aren’t very comfortable and the place is noisy and crowded with tables. But the food is the real deal. I said that twice.


Where: 376 Victoria Street, Kitchener


Hot Wheels

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  1. keo
    July 19, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    just went in for dim sum for two today,ordered 6 items plus teas comes out to $25 tax n tips included,not a bad deal compared to Cameron Seafood,highly recommended...!!

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