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Yeti cafe  

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June 17, 2013


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Yeti cafe  

Yeti cafe  Amanda Maxwell and I were out the other day for a little business planning session. We decided to try out the Yeti Cafe. I got there a little before noon.  I was lucky to find a parking space just around the corner on King Street. I was panhandled by a skid row santa 3/5ths into his day as a raging alcoholic but I deftly brushed him off and ignored his blistering comments about the inequities of life and how that related to the both of us.

I knew where the Yeti was because it was in the news when they first opened after an altercation with an overeager by-law officer who confiscated their sandwich board sign. The local social media universe got involved and then the newspaper. Terry Pender of the Record wrote a story or two and after the sign was returned, the Yeti named a sandwich after him.

It’s not a very big place. I ordered a coffee and found a seat in the back. They have some seating out front but it was raining. Seems like we are having random weather this year, but then weather always seems to be random when you least expect it.

When Amanda showed up a few minutes later she asked what I was having and I said, “just a coffee” but  I suggested she order the Terry Pender, which she did along with a lemonade with mint.

She ordered the Terry Pender without bacon. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich with apple. I think it would have been better with bacon. Most things are.

The Yeti Cafe is a funky, independent coffee shop with simple food. The decor would be best described as west coast university student tree planter garage sale.  Just after we sat down they started playing a style of music I’m not sure what on big speakers pointed into the kitchen. I liked it. I like the Yeti cafe a lot. Life is random and so should be lunch.

Where: 14 Eby Street, Kitchener

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