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Splash Pads and outdoor pools

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June 23, 2013


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Splash Pads and outdoor pools

Splash Pads This might be the best day for this post as summer is officially here and the dog days of heavy humidity and temperatures in the 30‘s lie ahead. We are about to experience our first heat wave. Cool the kids off at one of Kitchener Waterloo’s free and fabulous splash pads.


Breithaupt Park Splash Pad, Breithaupt Park, 806 Union St., 519-741-2502.

Centreville Chicopee Splash Pad, 141 Morgan Ave., 519-741-2490

Chandler Mowat Splash Pad, 222 Chandler Dr., 519-741-2733

Centreville Chicopee Splash Pad, 141 Morgan Ave., 519-741-2490

Doon Pioneer Park Splash Pad, 150 Pioneer Dr., 519-741-2641

Kingsdale Splash Pad, 78 Wilson Ave., 519-741-2540

Lion’s Lagoon Splash Pad, 50 Young St.W 519-725-0511

McLennan Park Splash Pad, 901 Ottawa St. S., 519-741-2345

Vanier Park Splash Pad,329 Vanier Dr.

Victoria Park Splash Pad, Courtland Ave. W., 519-741-2890



If you prefer outdoor pools, they are not free but they are fun

Harry Class pool, 45 Woodside Ave.

Idlewood pool, 5 Thaler Ave.

Kiwanis Park pool, 1000 Kiwanis Park Dr.

Moses Springer pool, 15 Lincoln Rd.

Wilson pool, 78 Wilson Ave.


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