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Northern Thai

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June 24, 2013


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Northern Thai

Northern ThaiMehmet and I are good friends. If we were twenty years younger we’d likely be great friends. But with age and responsibility come work, family and other things that take us away from other things we truly love. Lunch is one of those things.

I live for lunch. When I say that people always laugh, but I really do.  I don’t particularly care for the simple farm food of bacon and egg breakfast (give me an omelet) or the over indulgences and ceremony of dinner (soup will suffice).

Lunch is it. A short break from daily reality. Lunch is where my day starts. A great lunch will carry me through nicely and happily till a light dinner and a glass of beer.

Mehmet suggested that we have lunch.

He said, “Do you like Thai food?”

Uh huh.

Ever been to Northern Thai?


It’s the best Thai food in Kitchener Waterloo.

That’s a big statement, but Mehmet knows food. He comes from a family of food. He’s well traveled, and he’s right.

Northern Thai is a little place. They do a good lunch time business. The food is fresh and authentic. Mehmet said that everything on the menu is excellent. He ordered the Pad Thai. He said he never can decide what to get so he always gets Pad Thai.

My life is a little more random. I like to try everything. With food I think, “if it’s on the menu, someone must like it” so I often get what I think is something “unusual”, something I could never make at home for myself.  Having said that, what I got was excellent but I have no idea what it was. I can’t recall what I ordered! I think I got the Siamese Beef. Some restaurant review, eh? I’ll say that the food put me into a dreamy state of bliss and all earthy concerns vanished.

I should try harder. But really, it was wonderful and if Mehmet says everything on the menu is excellent I believe him and so should you.

If you like Thai food, you’ve likely been to Ben Than many many times (and you’ve likely seen me there) Ben Than has great restaurants. Step out of your known universe and try Northern Thai next time.

Where: 95 Queen Street South, Kitchener

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