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Hike around Woolwich Reservoir

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June 12, 2013


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Hike around Woolwich Reservoir

Woolwich ReservoirChichi is the best dog we’ve ever had. She’s a golden doodle – a halfbreed retriever poodle. She loves to run and she’s lucky that we believe if you have a dog you have to walk it. I took her to the vet and he was impressed by her legs. She has nice legs. Chichi’s also lucky that we live near Waterloo Park and we discovered Waterloo Region’s biggest unofficial dog park – Schneider’s Flats.¬†She gets lots of running in.

But we get bored always taking the same walk. Well, Chichi doesn’t. She remembers everywhere she once saw a rabbit. We decided to take a hike around the Woolwich Reservoir a little while ago. I had been talking with a lady the day before who reminded me that it was there, so I googled it and there it was.

IMG_1748It’s a two hour hike through a changing landscape. The first bit is along the water over the dam. Then it’s a forest of coniferous trees. There is farmland that peeks through the trees and you pass what I think could be a maple sugar hut. Then you skirt around the back of Floradale, get a great look at the lake and back into the forest.

It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours. Cheech ran through the bushes as we hiked along the well-maintained trail. The local Lions Club takes care of it.

Where: 7224 Reid Woods Drive,

Cost: FREE


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