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Where are the best crepes in Waterloo Region?

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May 27, 2013


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Where are the best crepes in Waterloo Region?

Where are the best crepes in Waterloo Region?Recently our favorite food blogger, Maple went of a quest for great crepes. In her review below she checked out the newly opened Downtown Crepe Cafe, which looks like a wonderful spot as well as the Cafe du Monde Creperie, which offers crepes of international origins.

If you love crepes and want to find the best ones in Waterloo Region or if you’ve never had crepes and want to try one, read on.


Dun dun dun…

Drumroll please…

It is finally here.

Construction season is finally here!! *Throws confetti in the air

I had sworn not to complain about any potential sweltering heat this summer since the hailstorm in April. Despite having the ultimately Canadian name, I am really not that Canadian. I feel cold even at 5 degrees! Sigh, I am sorry fellow Canadians, I am a total disgrace.

Now that it is 30 degrees on a beautiful Victoria Day, I am absolutely bouncing around with happiness and joy. I would take a 40 degrees summer over a -40 degrees winter any day. Even got a slight T-shirt tan after ralking (run + walk) at Hillside Trail yesterday, yeeeeehah!

Welcome, to the happiest time of the year!

I think crepes provide the perfect light entrée for such beautiful breezy spring/summery weather. They are like little treasure boxes, inducing the hold-your-breath moment right before you slice them, and the ahhhh moment when you unravel their mysterious layers to reveal the secrets within. My first love affair with crepes started four years ago at Art Square Cafe; immensely attracted by their creative selection of savoury crepes such as the salmon/goat cheese & chicken/dark chocolate, as well as their sweet dark chocolate fondue with buckwheat rolled crepes. Their crepes are spongy with a chewy semi-dense texture, which constitutes my ideal crepe texture. That was my favourite crepe cafe but unfortunately, they have gone downhill since.

Lucky for us in KW, we do have a few crepe options such as Village Creperie or Whole Lotta Gelata, which recently started offering crepes (have not tried them yet). In addition, the sparkling new Downtown Crepe Cafe opened its doors last weekend.



From The Record:

It’s owned by Kitchener resident Bruno Kalaminec, an industrial electrician by trade. In his younger days living in his home country of Croatia, Kalaminec worked in cafés and bars and hoped to one day have a business of his own. When the opportunity presented itself, his friends and family were supportive of the idea, so he went for it, Kalaminec said.

First Impression:

Nice modern decor with an upper floor terrace for more seating capacity (kinda like Whole Lotta Gelata).

Mr. Kalaminec was extremely warm and welcoming. He explained that the current menu is still under modification and additions will be expected.

Since their website is not up yet, here is the temporary menu:

  1. Ham & Cheese ($7.50)
  2. Spinach & Feta ($7.50)
  3. Tuna Salad ($7.50)
  4. Berry Crepe ($6.25)
  5. Hazelnut Spread & Banana ($7.50)
  6. Lemon & Sugar ($4.25)

It would be nice to see more solid options as the crepes can be a little too light/small to be considered a meal for some. Gluten-free crepes are also available.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Ham & Cheese crepe
  2. Spinach & Feta crepe
  3. Cappuccino ($4)


I was disappointed to see no cappuccino art since DTCC’s twitter photo is a beautiful Rosetta. Obviously, that is just superficial me talking; the quality of a cup of coffee has nothing to do with how it is presented. At $4/cappuccino and $4.50/latte, DTCC prices are definitely on the higher range for cafes in KW area. I was pleasantly surprised by the deep earthy aroma of the espresso, it was a definitely a delicious cup of cappuccino.

The crepes were good, but again, a little light even for me to consider it as a substantial lunch. At a good downtown location with cool cafe vibe and a soon-to-be cafe/art gallery, I am excited to see how this new cafe will develop and cannot wait to try out other items on their full menu.

Where: 28 Benton Street, Kitchener



Now that the St. Jacobs farmers market is back in sunny mode, I finally had the chance try Café du Monde Crêperie! I have been following them on twitter for a while and although they are sometimes at Vincenzo’s, I wanted to visit them at their original location, which is in front of the Peddler’s Village at the market. Their food-truck is only there from May to October, and this is their second year of operation.

Nadia Dragusanu founder of Café du monde Crêperie was born on the island of St. Lucia. She moved to Canada at the age of twenty. Three years later she met her husband Sebastian Dragusanu. They instantly connected and were married nine months later. They both shared a passion for traveling. Together, they have visited Cuba, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Romania, Holland, USA, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Austria, India, Greece and a beautiful island off mainland Greece called Kefalonia. After years of traveling to different parts of the world and enjoying different cuisines, it wasn’t until visiting Paris in 2011, with her husband Sebastian Dragusanu that Nadia Dragusanu had a vision to create “Café du Monde Crêperie”.

With a love for food and a passion for fresh and healthy eating, Café du Monde Crêperie was launched in 2012 at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market.


First Impression:

They have a great variety of savoury crepes such as Mediterranean, Caribbean, Italian, American, and of course, Canadian. The prices range from $6.25 – $6.75. The sweet crepes are slightly cheaper at about $5+.

On the Table for Maple:

We decided on the sweet original crepe with Nutella & strawberries/bananas. They ran out of bananas as it was almost the end of the day at 3pm, so Mr. Dragusanu attempted to buy some at the market. The convenience of selling food at the farmers’ market! Unfortunately, most bananas on sale were green and he was extremely apologetic.

No apologies needed though, Nutella & strawberries is still a classic killer combination.

Odd description, but I would say that this crepe was elegantly made. It was crisp yet chewy with generous fillings such that every mouthful exploded with chocolaty goodness. There are picnic tables right beside so you do not have to worry about standing around, not having somewhere to sit and enjoy. The food-truck beside them sells deep-fried mars bars/cheesecake. Just sayin’.

It was a hustling bustling day at the market. I bought two pots of flowers! Hopefully they’ll last longer than my cherry tomatoes last summer… a squirrel came up to my balcony and ate them all. Eeeek.

Check out Café du monde at the market (Thursdays & Saturdays), you will not be disappointed!

Where: 878 Weber Street North, Waterloo


MapleCrepes can provide the classy twist to any meal. Dark chocolaty sweet ones are my favourite. What is your go-to crepe?

For original post with lots of great photos please visit Table for Maple



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    May 27, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Have you tried the Village Creperie in Belmont village yet?

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    May 27, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    No but I bet they have great crepes, right?

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