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Waterloo Air Show

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May 26, 2013


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Waterloo Air Show

Waterloo Air ShowKick-start your summer by experiencing amazing aerial displays at the 2013 Waterloo Air Show. Aviation is showcased both in the air and on the ground. Returning favourites will include spectacular displays by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Canada’s CF-18 Demonstration Team, daring aerobatics, warbirds, pyro and more!

New to this year’s line-up are three fantastic acts:

• Jane Wicker Wing Walking: American Jane Wicker will demonstrate the daring and breathtaking art of wing walking. With no safety line or parachute, she amazes the crowd by climbing, walking and hanging all over her Stearman aircraft.

• Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Car Demo: What races down the runway at 400 mph, shooting 20-foot flames and billowing smoke out the back? Bill Braack and his jet car – an exciting new offering to this year’s air show line-up.

• Gord Price – 71, from Thornbury. He was a Canadian Unlimited Aerobatic Champion during the 1980s. He flies his Russian Yak 50, serial number 01

A bigger Static Display (aircraft parked on the tarmac all weekend) will offer this year’s guests more opportunities to see additional aircraft up close, take photos and speak to the pilots. Most significantly are a number of WWII and post-WWII aircraft including a TBM Avenger, AC-47 Spooky, C-46 Commando, C-123 Provider, B-17 and a B-25.

This two-day family event will also offer additional entertainment and activities including displays, vendors, a kids amusement area, performer autographs, food and licensed areas.

Bring your chairs and cameras out to the Region of Waterloo International Airport and let your wings soar!



The summer release of “Disney’s Planes,” the animated comedy adventure from above the world of the popular 2006 film “Cars,” has the entire aviation community buzzing. “Disney’s Planes” captures all of the thrill and excitement that flying has to offer—plus a lot of heart and humour.

For thousands of air-show attendees, the movie will jump to life with Dusty’s flying performance at select air shows across North America. Dusty will show off his talents, communicate with the crowd and be accompanied by an exclusive and uplifting Disney musical score.

“‘Disney’s Planes’ is a great underdog story, said director and aviation enthusiast Klay Hall. “It has a lot of heart and a message we can all use: If we can believe in ourselves, step out of our comfort zones and get past whatever fear is holding us back, we’d be surprised with the results. And that’s exactly what happens to Dusty in this movie. He’s a crop duster who’s never flown above 1,000 feet, but he dreams of being the fastest air racer in the world. He has a lot of obstacles to overcome and needs to dig pretty deep to find the courage to become more than he was built for.”

David White, Co-Producer of the Waterloo Air Show added: “The Waterloo Air Show is a wonderful family event and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the ultimate family experience with this very special appearance of Dusty from ‘Disney’s Planes.’ We invite those of all ages to join us for this most unique event.”

The owner and pilot of the aircraft tapped to play the role of Dusty in the air show performances is Texas-based aerial applicator Rusty Lindeman, who customized one of his own Air Tractor AT-301 airplanes to match Dusty’s paint scheme and features. Manufactured in Olney, Texas, Air Tractor aircraft are used for agricultural spraying, seeding and fertilizing, plus forestry protection, fire fighting and more in the U.S. and more than 30 countries around the world. “We’re happy to help bring Dusty to life for the performances and hope that the audience will have fun and learn a bit more about the importance of aerial application in modern agriculture,” said Air Tractor’s Kristin Edwards.

Air Tractor’s founder, Leland Snow, designed, built and flew his own purpose-built crop duster in 1953 and devoted his career to designing bigger and better aircraft for aerial application.

Where: Region of Waterloo International Airport, 4881 Fountain Street North, Breslau

When: June 1 & 2, 2013

Time: 10:00am-5:00pm

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  1. jack Robson
    May 30, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Too expensive for families to enjoy. I used to take my kids a few years ago when they first startedi wanted to support the little airport. But wow prices jumped way too much to stand their looking at the sun with little kids now!! I can't pay that for loyality which they obviously don't care about! Single parent

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