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Review: Music of the Eagles at Centre in the Square

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May 22, 2013


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Review: Music of the Eagles at Centre in the Square
Centre in the Square

Centre in the Square

When I started in high school, I got a CD Player Boom Box for christmas.  This was an amazing gift for a music loving teen, and I was so excited to try it out!  At the same time, I also got a small stack of CD’s to play to get me started, and in that stack, my dad included a “Greatest Hits” Album from the Eagles.  I remember originally thinking that I really didn’t know the band very well, and they were pretty old school – but I definitely knew Hotel California, so I was thinking it wasn’t all a loss.  It didn’t take more than 1 play of the record for me to truly start to love the Eagles, and I knew just about every song on that album by heart.  In later years, I got more Eagles Albums, but that one was truly the start of my love affair with this amazing, dynamic band.

Here we are (a few) years later, and when I heard that the Centre in the Square was putting on a Jeans n Classics performance of the Music of the Eagles as part of their Electric Thursday Concert Series, I jumped all over the tickets!  I never got to see this amazing band in concert, and I had seen other Jeans n Classics performances, and I knew that this had to be one that I wouldn’t miss.

Jeans n Classics came from the wonderful brain of Peter Brennan and mixes mainly Classic Rock with World Class Symphony Orchestras.  I grew up mostly in the 90’s where you had tons of bands doing the “unplugged” thing, often with an orchestra, so this is right up my alley, but in reality this is way better than just some watered down Metallica with some Cello’s in the background, this is an amazing, intricate mix of Symphony Orchestra and a Rock Band.

Centre in the Square: The Eagles SetlistTonight’s performance was all the Music of the Eagles, and they rocked the house down!  It was a full house, and none was disappointed by the bands amazing rendition of the Music of the Eagles.  Kicking it off with “Witchy Woman”, then even playing some of Don Henley’s solo material like “The Boys of Summer” (complete with seagull sound effects!) and rocking it out to “Take it Easy” and “Get Over It” just before the intermission.

The intermission is a great chance to grab a drink at one of the bars scattered around the lobbies of the Centre in the Square – but don’t worry about chugging that beer or glass of wine.  Instead, take it back to your seat and enjoy it during the performance.  You’ll even find a handy dandy cup holder in front of you, so you can still clap along to your favs!

The second half kicked off on a high note with “Hotel California”, and included a dual solo between a superb violinist in the symphony and Dave Dunlop on Guitar.  Later they mixed in classics like “Life in the Fast Lane” and “Try and Love Again”.  They even had a special symphony only reprise for “Wasted Time” that was excellent.  They finished off the 2nd set with “The Last Resort” and the crowd erupted with a standing ovation that lasted for many minutes. Eventually, then band came back for a 3 song encore, including “Seven Bridges Road”, “Heartache Tonight” and the classic “Desperado”.  Again, the crowd gave back with a much deserved standing ovation for the band, as well as the incomprable KW Symphony Orchestra.


At the end of the night, the stand out moment for me was in the first set, when they performed “End of the Innocence”, the arrangement of this song lent itself to allow for a great deal of involvement from the symphony and the dynamic of the instruments was probably the best during this song.  You could feel the entire crowd got swept up, and we all knew this was just the start to a beautiful evening of great music.

Have no fear my good friends of Kitchener-Waterloo, the Jeans n Classics crew is still in town on Thursday May 23 performing another show at 7:30pm – Call the Centre in the Square box office ASAP for tickets(519.578.1570 or 1.800.265.8977)!  You will not regret it! This was a great performance!  If not, then check out the other great shows coming up in the near future by checking the full calendar here!

See you at the Centre in the Square next time!


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