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Waterloo Region RAIN Barrel Blitz

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April 23, 2013


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Waterloo Region RAIN Barrel Blitz

Waterloo Region RAIN Barrel Blitz REEP Green Solutions is running the first Region-wide Rain Barrel Fundraising initiative in place of the region’s usual sale. In addition to helping provide affordable eco-friendly barrels, they have set up multiple locations as well as multiple community group partners for whom each sale will support.

So buying a barrel not only saves water, money, and is eligible for city stormwater credits each purchase supports the great work of a local community organization.

REEP RAIN is proud to partner with RainBarrel.ca to coordinate the first ever region-wide rain barrel distribution on April 27, 2013.

Pre-orders are now being taken and the goal is to distribute 1,000 rain barrels on April 27th at various locations, with local groups keeping $10 for every $50 barrel they sell.

10 groups are fundraising by collecting pre-orders and then distributing barrels at 7 locations across Waterloo Region on April 27th. The money will go to causes such as creating an outdoor classroom, funding a fieldtrip for Scouts and Easter Seals camps, and installing a rainwater harvesting system to keep a community garden growing.

Made from re-purposed food-grade barrels, the rain barrels for sale qualify Kitchener and Waterloo residents for stormwater credits.

Rain barrels give you the rainwater harvesting tools to conserve water, soak up rain, and help protect drinking water and the Grand River.

“Rain barrels allow you to collect water for your gardens and cut back on water use,” says Sharmalene Mendis-Millard, Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator for the RAIN program.

“When you capture rainwater on your property, you also prevent it from flowing in high volumes into our storm sewers and the Grand River.

Helping people take practical actions to manage stormwater on their own properties is what the RAIN program is all about.”

Purchase one of several styles and models online by April 22nd – Earth Day! Rain barrel pick-up is available at the time and location specified by the group of your choice on April 27th.

To order your rain barrel, visit www.reepgreen.ca/rain.

By visiting the website, you can also learn about how to apply for stormwater credits, register for free hands-on workshops and sign up for a free RAIN Home Visit. Consider attending free Saturday Open Houses from 10am-2pm at 20 Mill Street in Kitchener to see a wide variety of energy savings and stormwater solutions in action. Register for REEP’s monthly e-newsletter to keep you informed.


Context of the RAIN Barrel Blitz: REEP’s RAIN program 

The Region of Waterloo is no longer distributing rain barrels at cost, but they are encouraging people to harvest rainwater. We at REEP RAIN saw a gap; we came up with the Blitz idea to give people a unique opportunity to not only buy a low-cost rain barrel, but to also support a local group at the same time.

Waterloo Region Green Solutions (known locally as REEP Green Solutions) is an environmental, non-profit organization that provides the tools and services people need to use energy and water wisely.

RAIN: An ecological approach to stormwater management is a Green Communities Canada program, delivered locally by REEP Green Solutions in partnership with the Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo.

The program helps people soak up rain on their property, qualify for stormwater credits, and protect the Grand River.

“Helping people take practical actions to manage stormwater on their own properties and keep it from flowing into storm sewers is what the RAIN program is all about.”

RainBarrel.ca reclaims food grade barrels to be reused as rain barrels. Partnerships with local non-profit organizations result in fundraising truckload sales events for dozens of communities in Ontario.


Rain Barrel Blitz Fundraiser – Part of the REEP RAIN program in partnership with RainBarrel.ca $50 each – Pre-order online TODAY at www.reepgreen.ca/rain Barrels will be available April 27, 2013 at locations across the Waterloo Region! Find the sale closest to you here: www.reepgreen.ca/rain Each 180 – 220 L (45 – 55 gallon) rain barrel comes fully equipped with everything needed to install your barrel. Only Advance Orders are Guaranteed to be Available. Pre-Order online TODAY at www.reepgreen.ca/rain For questions or additional information contact the representative for the sale of your choice. All sales support the community partners holding a sale. So Save Water, Save Money, Support your Community and pre-order a Rain Barrel Today!


When: April 27. 2013

For more information please visit website


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    April 16, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Hi. We thought you'd be interested in a local fundraising rain barrel sale. Would you please consider sharing this information with your contacts? Waterloo non-profit groups are hosting fundraising truckload rain barrel sales and could use the community's help. Orders must be placed in advance. For more information, please see goo.gl/mhJ0fy. Thank you for supporting this non-profit organization by making a purchase and forwarding this information to your contacts. Thanks!

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