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Stratford’s Parade of Swans

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April 5, 2013


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Stratford’s Parade of Swans

Stratford’s Parade of Swans Start with the music, drama and celebration that is Stratford, then add a waddle and a few tail feathers to herald spring and you have the Parade of the Swans. You’ll discover a quirky charm as you watch the feathery herd along their walk to the water—flat-footed silly swans, goosing each other along as they waddle and preen. Fun for the whole family!

It kicks off on Saturday with the unveiling of a floral display of swans in the heritage downtown, guided Swan Walks, and more.

On Sunday the festivities begin at 12:00 noon with street performers, activities for the kids, food stalls, and much more. The Parade of Swans starts at 2:00 sharp led by a fanfare of horns and pipes with a bevy of swans rushing – really waddling and gaggling – to the Avon River followed by concerts, free refreshments and activities for the kids starting at noon.

Where: Stratford

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