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Rock Band Night at the Rum Runner

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April 19, 2013


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Rock Band Night at the Rum Runner

Rock Band NightIt’s that time again! Whether you’ve got a full band, want to play as a solo artist, or just want to come to listen to some good tunes, support your friends and meet new people, join us for the monthly Rock Band night!

Featuring a projector screen, premium equipment, a 600+ song library, and all the liquid courage you need to sing in front of other people, Rock Band night will be a blast for you and your friends. Even if you don’t know how to play Rock Band, don’t worry – No Fail mode is always on, and you can choose your difficulty setting. Or, just sing instead of playing an instrument. And it’s free!


Here’s how it works:

1. Gather your friends and come to Rum Runner on the last Friday of every month.

2. Decide on a band name. You can have up to four people per band – if you have too many friends, no worries! Form two bands. If you have too few people, no worries either! We can fill out your band with folks from the audience. Just make sure you have folks willing to sing.

3. Grab a drink and browse our library of songs (there will be a booklet at your table). Fill out a request slip and when it’s your turn…



See full song library here:


Why is this better than playing Rock Band at home?

○ You don’t have more than 600 songs on your console at home.

○ We’ll be playing the game on a 7-foot projector screen.

○ Our setup includes premium instruments: a replica full-size wooden Fender guitar controller, professional recording-quality microphone, and even a Pro Guitar if you’re feeling adventurous.

○ The wonderful Rum Runner staff will keep the food and drinks coming while you and your band show off your skills and go for glory.

○ You can play until last call.


Why is this better than karaoke?

○ An (arguably) vastly better song selection.

○ You’ll get more turns at the mic/guitar/bass/drums than at karaoke.

○ With your band backing you, you won’t be as nervous when it’s your turn to sing.

○ A second mic will be available, meaning you can sing harmonies with your sweetheart or provide backup vocals.

○ If your performance is lackluster, you can blame it on the drummer.


Where: Rum Runner Pub (back room)

When: the last Friday of every month

Time: 8:00pm-close

For more information please visit website


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