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Classic Albums Live Led Zeppelin IV

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April 12, 2013


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Classic Albums Live Led Zeppelin IV

Classic Albums Live Led ZeppelinLast night we had the chance to go listen to Classic Albums Live – Led Zeppelin IV.  It was quite the experience.  The played the entire album from start to finish then played some of your favourite hits like Ramble On and Heartbreaker.  The musicians were talented and the audience was loving it!  It was a very enjoyable night.

The lead singer, Nick Hildyard, did a fantastic job portraying Robert Plant.  When comparing him to the singer who performed with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin experience, which was at the Centre in the Square a few months ago, I felt he was close to the same caliber.   James Dylan, who toured with Bonham, was able to hit all the really high notes which Hildyard didn’t quite hit.

The drummer for the band. Rick Vatour, was incredible.  He was up on stage with his drum kit….and his gong!  Of course, you need a gong when performing Led Zeppelin!   I quite enjoyed his comedic jabbering throughout the show.  It was very entertaining and the audience seemed to eat it up!

One thing I thought was interesting is that they toured with 3 guitar players, 1 bass player and a girl who sang and played keyboards as well as other percussion.  I couldn’t believe it took 3 guitarists on many songs to achieve the exact sound the Led Zeppelin produced on their album.  It was really neat to see.  The lead guitarist, Dom Polito was incredibly talented and made his guitar sing, just like Jimmy Page.  At one point he pulled out a bow (like a bow you use for violin) and was playing it on his guitar to make the precise sound heard in the song.  It was incredible.

If you love Led Zeppelin, you should definitely check out Classic Albums Live – Led Zeppelin.  It is playing again tonight at the Centre in the Square and tickets are still available.  You can click here to get yours now!

When: April 12, 2013

Where: Centre in the Square

Time: 7:3opm

Want a place to go for dinner before the show?  Check out the Rum Runner Pub!  Excellent food at great prices!

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