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The Music of Annie Lennox – What I thought

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March 21, 2013


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The Music of Annie Lennox – What I thought

20130321-095908.jpgI’ll have to admit, I didn’t really think that I would enjoy an Annie Lennox themed show, and I really didn’t know what to expect when I was headed over to Centre in the Square to check this production out. But in the end, my gf Tiff was really excited to see this, so I was warming up to the idea. What I found was that I knew WAY more Annie Lennox songs then I ever thought that I did and her musical expression is so incredibly varied and deep that it took 6 different girls to portray her correctly on stage! WOW! This production is put on by Jeans & Classics, basically what they do is mix up some relatively modern rock or pop groups with the KW Symphony (other symphonies in other towns obviously). What you get is one amazing musical performance. To be honest, I didn’t actually expect the KW Symphony when walking in, but man did they ever impress! The music of Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics is certainly one that calls for alot of instruments and layers of musical textures that are so well achieved with a symphony. Then if you pair that with 6 incredibly talented females and you get one hell of a show.


Centre in the Square

The Centre in the Square has got to be the gold standard in the region for watching a show as well. If you haven’t been lately, it’s likely not what you’d expect. They’ve let down their hair, loosened the tie and brought a much more casual feel to the entire experience of seeing a show at their venue. Enter into the open lobbies before the show, grab a small slice of pizza and stop at one of the many bars around the lobbies and grab yourself a drink and mingle with other like-minded souls heading to the show. They’ll flick the lights for you a few minutes before showtime, so you have time to get to your seat – but don’t worry about chugging back that half a beer you have left….Take it in the theater with you! What? That’s right, there’s a nice cup holder, a comfortable seat with ample room and a good view from pretty well everywhere. It’s relaxing and enjoyable – much less formal and stuffy than you would expect when heading to this type of production with a symphony. It’s truly a breath of fresh air, and definitely increases the enjoyment factor!


Tiff posing with the 6 Annie Lennox singers! Amazing Group!

The Music of Annie Lennox show played 9 classics to get things going in the first set. All kinds of classics from “Here Comes the Rain Again” to “Sweet Dreams”. I remember thinking how different each song was, and how each of the 6 members of Jeans and Classics did such a great job of owning the song for their own voice and style of singing. At times it was upbeat and rocking, and you’re tapping your foot and grooving to the beat, and others it’s sad and gloomy, yet incredibly beautiful and powerful. All the girls had amazingly powerful voices, and they certainly knew how to use them. After the first set, they took an Intermission, where you can head back out to the lobby, chat with friends and top up that drink for the 2nd half! The 2nd set seemed much more diverse and I thought that I had probably heard the best already, but they just got better. There were certainly a few songs that I didn’t know at all, but they were still incredibly entertaining. In between songs, while the girls are all shuffling around, there was always one telling us about the next song they are playing, or a funny anecdote, or introducing the other girls or members of the band. The pinnacle of the 2nd set certainly is the last song, Missionary Man, where all 6 singers are involved but is truly a bluesy, rockabilly great time! The crowd exploaded in applause after the 2nd set, to a gracious standing ovation! Yes, it was that good!  Get some tickets for tonight!


Tiff really liked the show too! See more at


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