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Princess Cinemas: Movies in uptown Waterloo

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March 27, 2013


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Princess Cinemas: Movies in uptown Waterloo

PrincessThe Princess Cinemas is a true Canadian independent cinema, owner-operated and owner-programmed, with two urban locations in uptown Waterloo. A couple of months ago I became a member of the Princess Cinemas. I’d been talking about it for years, but old habits are hard to change. When I think of going to the movies I always think first of the Galaxy Cinema at the Conestoga Mall, and then the Empire Theaters over at the Boardwalk. But now it’ll be the Princess.


The ‘Original’ Princess Cinema.
The first location – a single screen cinema –  now called the Original Princess Cinema, opened in 1985 at 6 Princess Street West, behind the Huether Hotel in Uptown Waterloo.
The Original Princess Cinema still maintains a “calendar art-house” programming model, which exhibits the best in international, independent and Canadian cinema, as well as festival hits, documentaries, mini-festivals, Hollywood classics, cult films and special series. Audiences can expect spicier programming at the Original Princess, and more mainstream bookings at the Princess Twin cinemas. The Original Princess also features our Live on Stage concert series. We publicize our offerings at the Original Princess Cinema with a bi-monthly newspaper guide, in addition to our web-site. The Original features comfortable high-back chairs and a truly funky, independent vibe. This 177-seat cinema is located on the second floor of an historic 19th century brewery building.

Princess Twin Cinemas
In January 2005 the Princess Twin Cinemas opened just around the block from the Original at 46 King Street North.
Unlike the Original Princess, the Twin Cinemas screen new choices every week and has the ability to hold popular hits for weeks, even months! Uptown Waterloo audiences get a chance to see a mix of quality, popular mainstream cinema, as well as fresh looks at new, specialty films at the Twin Cinemas.

Regular ticket pricing for both The Original Princess Cinema and the Princess Twin Cinemas:

Membership: $12.00

Member: $7.00

Non-Member: $10.00

Senior/Under 14: $7.00

All prices include tax.

For more information please visit website.


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