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KW Brunch Roundup

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March 11, 2013


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KW Brunch Roundup

brunchOfficial definition of brunch:

Contraction of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 a.m.


Maple’s definition of brunch:

A legalized meal to eat everything under the sun.


Despite my passion for eating 24/7, brunch is actually a torturous concept for me. Sure, it sounds like a fun eat-for-four-hours meal but I am one of those crazy limited edition people who would still wake up at 8am on the weekends even with nothing lined up for the day. Having to wait till 11am to have my first meal is agonizing. Eat something small for breakfast, you’d probably suggest. I would love to, but a small breakfast is simply not in my dictionary. Breakfast is my favourite meal and it has got to be huge!

Let’s talk about the back-to-basic brunch – no lobster grilled cheese or goat cheese crepes here, just the basic eggs & toast combination. I have always wondered if eggs & toast will win the most-repetitive-but-never-tired-of meal award, if there is one. That applies at least to me, since I eat two eggs and toast for breakfast almost every day. Despite the additional variety of food available for order at brunch, I am sure that many still stick with this basic combination. Well, whether it is the weekday 7am breakfast or the weekend 11am brunch (or 2pm if you slept in so late that you missed lunch), KW has our fair share of family restaurants, diners, greasy spoons, life savers – or whatever you call them – to satisfy your cravings for a good hearty meal of eggs & toast.

These are the places where you can order three buttermilk pancakes with three thick sausages and pretend it is a balanced meal. These are the places where servers will start memorizing orders of regulars, and regulars will start refilling coffee for themselves. These are the place where Eat Right Ontario will probably disapprove of the three-egg omelettes since the recommended allowance is only one per day.

Given the similarity of food served at these places, I think the determining factors for customers to choose one establishment over the other will either be either the proximity or the service. For example, if a diner with okay service that is a 30 minute drive away serves amazing eggs while the diner with amazing service that is a minute walk away serves okay eggs, will you make the effort to drive 30 minutes for your brunch? Lazy me will not. I have also concluded that once people decide that they like a place, they will be really loyal customers. However, a single bad experience might convince people to never ever give the restaurant a second chance given that there are numerous other restaurants around selling the same dishes. I guess it is love it or hate it!

Here are some brunch/all-day breakfast places which I have tried and enjoyed, not in any particular order.


1) Cedar Barn Restaurant

I typically order omelettes since I simply have no patience to make them at home for myself. Or, to put it in another way, I eat deconstructed omelettes on a daily basis – 2 scrambled eggs with a side a cheese, spinach and tomatoes. It will all end up looking the same when it goes into my tummy anyway aha.



2) Rise & Shine Family Restaurant

I tend to favour restaurants that allow substitutions for fresh tomatoes instead of home fries, since the latter feels too heavy and greasy for the morning. The generous quantity of brie embedded within their omelette was surprising given the cheap/reasonable price of the dish.



3) Benny’s Family Restaurant

Eggs benedict is also another item I go for, if I am not in the mood for an omelette, since it is a variation of eggs on bread which I rarely never make at home. I like how Benny’s breakfasts have a small serving of fruit on the side.

To test whether the poached eggs were up to standard, I ordered my smoked salmon eggs benedict with the creamy hollandaise on the side.

They passed. Hurray!



4) Angie’s Kitchen

I have eaten at Angie’s more often than the others since it is in Uptown Waterloo. My favourite thing about Angie’s is that this family restaurant solves the most horrifying dilemma we face at brunch – sweet or savoury?

Fret not – Their country style breakfast ($12.99) has two eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, two pancakes and two French toast.

Served on two huge plates, this has got to be the most comprehensive breakfast menu item ever.



MapleDespite the great brunch places we have in town, I have to admit that I have not been out for a good ole’ brunch for quite a while now simply because it takes too much effort to get dressed and head out for eggs & toast. Lazy yes, but making a five-minute microwaved cheesy eggs on English muffin, enjoying it in PJs, and staying in PJs all the long on Sunday is priceless.


For Maple’s original post, with lots of great pictures and a survey please visit a table for maple.


So, where’s your favorite brunch? 

Jack’s Family Restaurant

Country Boy Family Restaurant

Rise & Shine Family Restaurant

The Daily Grill

Homestyle Diner


Cedar Barn Restaurant

Too lazy for brunch

Slices Family Restaurant

Oscar’s Family Restaurant

Omega Family Restaurant

Mel’s Diner



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