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Guest blog for 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo

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March 24, 2013


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Guest blog for 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo

On a boatSpring is here. Soon the residents of Kitchener Waterloo will wake up from their long winter hibernation and get out and about and start to enjoy one more time again all that the Region of Waterloo has to offer.

There is lots to do here. There are always new restaurants, retail businesses and coffee shops opening up. There are great trails and parks and public facilities getting established or being improved. For example: the main branch of the KPL is reopening soon. Nothing is a big deal in itself, but it’s the small incremental changes that make KW great. I often think back to 13 years ago when we moved here. Kitchener Waterloo was a sleepy little post-industrial backwater.

365 Things to do in Kitchener Waterloo – where it began.

365 things to do began as a voyage of discovery. I was looking for Kaufman Flats, a place along the Grand River that I’d heard that was a good place to take a short hike, to walk the dog. I asked several people where it was. They either knew and couldn’t give clear directions or they’d heard of it but didn’t know where it was either. It was a mysterious insider secret that the long time residents of KW had. The more I couldn’t find it, the more I wanted to find it. It became my quest. I even got into the car and drove around, near the Grand River where I thought it might be and asked people on the street for directions. That’s eventually how I found it.

365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo is a community site. I started it as a way to connect with the community, a way to share the good stuff. It become a way for the community to connect with itself. 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo does not have any funding from the city, the region, communitech or anyone. We don’t need funding. What we do need is you.

Where 365 Things to do in Kitchener Waterloo is going

We are looking for guest bloggers. The majority of the ideas for our daily posts are sent to us. We still go looking for (or happen upon) places to talk about and things to do (yesterday I was at Queen Street Commons for coffee – I’m going to have to write about that place – wow!), but mostly we are “on the radar” of people and places having events and they send them in and we post them. We post almost everything sent in.

But I think some of the best posts are those that are really just about common little discoveries. With that in mind, we are reaching out to local people, we are crowd-sourcing, looking to discover new things through your eyes. If you blog or would like to blog, we would like you to guest blog for us.

This is all you need to do. Submit your event (button at the top) or email us your post at

It will look like this:


200+ words




For more information please visit this website (link)

Your bio

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Join me and my guest bloggers






by the pool

and help make living in Kitchener Waterloo even greater. Get a little bit of fame. Link back to your blog, facebook or twitter and make new friends. Help me deliver a daily knowledge bomb. That way, I can take a vacation.


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