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Silver Spoon

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January 21, 2013


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Silver Spoon

The Silver Spoon Silver Spoon is a quaint cafe across Kitchener City Hall – it will be hard to miss the red brick walls and cute teapot sign. It is a family owned chocolate cafe, but offers daily lunch specials (crepes, soups etc.) too. The front half of the cafe has endless selections of chocolates, while the back half is the restaurant.

I’ve been wanting to try their lunch specials since they only open till 6pm daily (except weekends). When I got wind of the cafe’s plan to have a special “Earth Hour Candlelight Dinner” – Fondue or Crepes, I simply couldn’t resist.

Y and I arrived at 8pm as Earth Hour starts at 8.30pm and we wanted to experience the full “lights out dinner”. I was disappointed to see that we were the only ones enjoying this special dinner! I felt bad that the extended hours did not receive encouraging responses. You all missed out!

The initial impression wasn’t too good. Since we were the only ones there, I was nervously wondering –

Why is no one here!? Will the food be terrible!?

In addition, I don’t like restaurants with mishmash furniture. The decor of the chocolate store (front half) was lovely, but the restaurant (back half) furniture had no definite theme. It was a random mix of round and square tables, wooden and plastic chairs, and couches by the side. It left me a little perplexed.

The couple who owned the Silver Spoon served us personally. Oh dear, it was one of the best restaurant service I’ve ever experienced!

On the Table for Maple:

Our Prix Fixe candlelight dinner included salad, cheese fondue and dessert – $16.

The salad was AMAZING. I was expecting a typical flat and bland salad, as that’s what many restaurants offer. Their salad was so refreshing and different. Crunchy peanuts and a special dressing gave it so much character. Score!

Our 3 cheese fondue came with slices of warm toast, shrimp, bacon and apples. The owner, I believe her name is Judy (or I’ll just refer to her as Judy here), very considerately prepared a plate of grapes and strawberries to serve as a refreshing break from the fondue whenever we felt it got a little too heavy. That was such a sweet gesture! Furthermore, she kept checking if we wanted more of anything on the plate. It was NOT an all-you-can-eat dinner, but she generously gave us refills of whatever we requested. Believe it or not – we had 3 refills of cheese! Yes, I love cheese.

Dessert was a thoughtful platter of strawberry crepe, cheesecake, and a little chocolate cup (…with hazelnut ganache within?). I’m not too sure what the last dessert was called but it exploded with thick rich chocolate when I popped the whole thing into my mouth. Talk about ending the meal with a bang!

Although we were the only ones in the cafe, the owners allowed us to stay and chat till almost 10pm. Some restaurants might have hinted for you to leave. Nope, Silver Spoon didn’t. As Y and I left the cafe, we felt so pleased with the service and so satisfied with the dinner.

The owners update the daily lunch specials on their facebook page. This cafe also hosts a Sweet Sweet Music night monthly, where local artists will come together to perform in the evening. I can already imagine myself sipping thick, rich, pipping Belgium hot chocolate and listening to inspiring music at one of those nights very soon.

With such thoughtful service, such effort put into the preparation of comforting dishes, and such delicate desserts, it is hard for me to imagine anyone who wouldn’t like this place.


1) $$$ price (our dinner totaled to $40 with tip)
2) Comfy atmosphere, but confusing furniture
3) OUTSTANDING service
4) Skillful desserts – sweets all homemade!

Where: 217 King Street West, Kitchener

Today’s post was brought to you by Maple of Tableformaple. See original post about the Silver Spoon here.

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