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SiliconW: Combining Technology and Art to Create Innovative Products

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January 26, 2013


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SiliconW: Combining Technology and Art to Create Innovative Products

SiliconWSiliconW is about bringing together Tech and Art to provide opportunities to dedicated individuals seeking experience in Software Development, Design, Sales and Marketing in an open, friendly and cooperative environment.

Along with web development and graphic design, SiliconW also offers phone application design using its own developer program.  LiveApp is a phone app development program created by SiliconW to make it simple for small businesses to have apps of their own.  By using LiveApp SiliconW and its design team can create an app as unique as your business.

Artists Community

The SiliconW Gallery is used to showcase our community of artists.  The gallery holds events throughout the year and provides a way for the work of local artists to be exposed to buyers.

For $50 a month membership fee, our artists receive the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Access to the Space to Work on or Display Art
  • Individual Gallery Wall Space to Display Art
  • Earn 100% of the Profit from Artwork Sales
  • Receive Online Marketing on the Silicon W Website

The first month of membership fees is waived if an art piece is donated for the annual SiliconW charity show. In addition the fee can be waived if the artist donates his or her time to the running and upkeep of the gallery.

SiliconW is a community where artists and tech enthusiasts come together to create design-inspired, innovative, art infused software. Local artists are exposed to marketing and branding opportunities, volunteers gain multitudes of experience and everyone is passionate and enjoys what they do.

Where: 283 Duke St W Unit 308 Kitchener

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