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Monday update – Why I love facebook.

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January 14, 2013


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Monday update – Why I love facebook.

Jan122013It’s Monday, time for another update.

First of all, the fun thing about blogging everyday is that I don’t actually blog everyday. Well actually I do blog almost everyday but I do my best to stay at least a week ahead. WordPress is truly a godsend for this; I blog ahead and have WordPress schedule to publish at about 7:00am a few day ahead. It works great, except when it does not. I got caught last week and had to do a quick edit. It was the tobogganing post for Friday. I wrote that post about ten day previous, when winter had arrived and (to me anyway) it looked like it was here to stay. I posted what I think are two great places to toboggan on a day when it was raining cats and dogs! Before I had my coffee and started my day, someone naturally mentioned this on twitter (but in a funny and good natured way, and I appreciate that) but now you know my secret. It’s not easy posting everyday, well it is but one can’t be too casual about it.

Alright, besides toboggan hills what happened last week?

I’ll start with Facebook. I don’t know where most people read 365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo, but if I was to guess, I would say that 1/3 have it bookmarked or find it through Google, 1/3 come through facebook and 1/3 (because we are in a tech-savvy town) read it through RSS feed. On facebook last week I posted a picture of a house in Waterloo that had some very unusual snow sculptures. It’s funny, but that picture was seen by hundreds of people and resulted in about 20 new “likes” on our 365 facebook page. That’s not too shabby for a week. I’ve promised myself not to neglect facebook this year.

If you’re not following us on facebook, please do. Here’s the link.

What else happened last week?

Last week we invited you to research your family tree, courtesy of KPL (it’s on the 16th). Our date night took us to a silent film and KW’s newest and finest tappanyaki restaurant. We had the Wedding Dreams Show on the weekend as well. Maple went to Niko Niko which is a terrific Japanese restaurant.

Coming up, we have something special for foodies – The Wine and Dine Festival, a trip to a new Korean restaurant and a speed networking event, not to mention a curling event and a P.A. Day.

Should be fun.


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