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365 Monday update: It was just like a vacation

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January 28, 2013


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365 Monday update: It was just like a vacation

365 mondayAnother week already, the 365 days are ticking away one by one. Last week was cold but next week will be warm. Let’s get right to it so we can get out and about.

Blue Rodeo was I town, I should have gone. I’ve always liked Blue Rodeo, they were most popular when I lived in Taiwan twenty years ago, I’d always buy there latest CD when I was home for Christmas or summer vacation. They were one of my only connections to Canada musically for about a decade. Did anyone go? How was the show?

I went instead to the place next door (KWAG) to a speed networking event that was without a doubt the best networking event I’ve been to in a long long time. I met a baker and an investment strategist, a chartered accountant and a sign maker, website optimizer, and massage therapist…to name a few. There were about 40 networkers networking.

Date night last week took us out for some Pho and then some Brouhaha. Everyone love  the Pho, but I never did find out what DNK stands for.

We also took in a Gershwin concert and a wrestling event, proving one more time again that there is always something to do for everyone in Kitchener Waterloo.

Coming up, we have Chinese New Year – its the Year of the Snake a good year for real estate, and all business – I was at my first event last night. We’ve got another great date night idea, and for the kids – artlab! The Tragically Hip are on the horizon and Sting is coming to Kitchen this spring. Holy cow. I hope he still does “message in a bottle”. You heard about our new CBC radio station?

lots of likesOur facebook page has had lots of new likes lately. We like it when you like us!

Later in the week, I’m going to be traveling and with limited access to the internet I might not be as timely in my responses to your emails and occasional comments. Rest assured I read every one. In fact with every submission and suggestion we get, if we can’t post it on our website, we at least post it on our facebook page. So, keep your submissions, suggestions, comments and queries coming in.

That’s the 365 update. Get out there and do something.


Today’s real estate rule Rule #28: Make money when you buy.


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