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Lotus Tea House

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January 28, 2013


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Lotus Tea House

Lotus Tea HouseThere was a blue moon last Friday. I actually managed to force beg convince Y to join me for a meatless dinner at the Lotus Tea House. We had no idea they close at 8pm on Fridays. Only dawned upon us that we were in their way when the bill was hustled over. My apologies!

Unlike a typical restaurant, Lotus Tea House is actually, really a house.

First Impression: The whole restaurant emits Zen-ness. The upper floor is a meditation hall. Customers are encouraged to explore. Glass teapots are lovely.

On the Table for Maple:

  1. Himalaya Triangles with Curry Sauce ($4.50)
  2. Golden Soy Nuggets with Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables and Braised Tofu ($9)
  3. Hot Braised Eggplant, Ground Soy and Golden Tofu with Greens ($8.75)
  4. Pot of Almond Tea ($4.50)

Complimentary appetizer.  Y thought the vegetable soup was boring, but I enjoyed the clean and refreshing broth. Y’s favourite of the night. It was piping hot with a great spicy kick! Mains are served with a side of rice.

I highly encourage meat-lovers to give this a shot. You will not die of hunger with one meatless meal. I promise. Other than replacing meat with soy, there is really not much difference between regular Chinese and the flavours of Lotus Tea House. However, their teas were definitely unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed the almond tea, it was extremely fragrant. Too sweet for Y so I was happy to finish the whole pot!

Y was not impressed (…obviously not biased), and was craving for a BigMac after. Since he gave in to my vegetarian meal request, I gave in to his fast food demand.


1) $ – Less than $10 for a main
2) Very peaceful ambiance
3) Quick service. We were in & out within 45 minutes
4) Simple unpretentious meal

Where: 79 Regina Street, Waterloo

See Maple’s original post (with lots of pictures) here.


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