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Electric Thursday at Centre in the Square!

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December 5, 2012


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Electric Thursday at Centre in the Square!

I had the opportunity to go to Electric Thursday at The Centre in the Square to see The Beatles: Rubber Soul & Revolver at their Wednesday night edition.  I had never been to an Electric Thursday before and was interested to see how they would cover the greatest band ever….The Beatles!  If you have not been to Electric Thursday either, they play the music of a popular band and have the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra playing in the background.  In my opinion, anything with the symphony will be a treat however I am always leery about anybody covering The Beatles since 95% of the time I feel they don’t do the songs justice.  Fortunately, Electric Thursdays falls into the 5% category where people do a fantastic job paying homage to incredible music.

I took my mom with me to the concert since she enjoys The Beatles music, just maybe not as much as I do (The Beatles are my all-time favourite band).  When we sat down and took our seats the symphony was already on stage.  The band and the symphony’s conductor followed promptly at 7:30pm.  They started playing “I’ve Just Seen a Face” and I was immediately impressed.  Mom leaded over and told me that the harmony was absolutely beautiful.  Some of the songs were so well done I was getting goosebumps.  It was very impressive.  You could see peoples heads bobbing and swaying and some people within earshot were even singing.

The band performing, Jeans n’ Classics, is filled with talented musicians and singers.  Their host, John Regan, is their keyboardist and band comedian.  Mom and I both felt he was quite entertaining and added interesting tidbits about the pieces, such as the song John Lennon regretted writing most was “Run for your Life” which happened to be George Harrisons’ favourite Beatle song.  There was a wide variety of songs, as it is on the actual albums.  A few highlights for me was Eleanor Rigby live with the strings as it is on the album, Yellow Submarine which the audience was singing to and Gotta Get You into My Life with the horns.  For No One with the French horn solo was also beautifully done.

Overall, the whole night was excellent and well worth going to see.  The performance by both the Jeans n’ Classics and the KW Symphony was incredible.  Mom commented that it was so entertaining she didn’t fall asleep which sometimes happens after a long day at work and staying out past your bedtime two nights in a row.  We both left thoroughly entertained and had great night.

If you LOVE The Beatles like I do, I highly suggest trying to get tickets for Thursday night’s show.  If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift, tickets to some of the 2013 Electric Thursday shows would make a great gift.  They have Annie Lennox & The Eurythmics (March 20/21), The Music of James Bond (April 17/18) and The Music of The Eagles (May 22/23).

To Purchase tickets to the December 6th Electric Thursday: The Beatles Rubber Soul & Revolver OR to purchase tickets to another great night out at The Centre in the Square, please click here.

Did you see our post about Christmas gift ideas at The Centre in the Square? Check it out!

Parking:  Make sure you go a bit early as the parking lots and streets fill up quickly!  We parked at the Kitchener Public Library for $7 in their underground parking.  It was great!  I would definitely park there again.

This is a guest post by Amanda Maxwell from 365 things to do in Cambridge.  When the Marshall’s mom comes to town he has to call on his friends.

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    Nice post Amanda. Wish I could have been there.

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