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365 days over the holidays

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December 31, 2012


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365 days over the holidays

Day oneLast week was of course Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted and deserved. I got a new black sweater and a pair of socks! For a week, I sat around and drank a lot of coffee, ate a lot of turkey, went on some long walks and finished the fourth draft of my book – 365 Rules about Real Estate.

On 365 things to do, our favorite food blogger Maple visited the Timeless Cafe and Bakery – an undiscovered gem, a blast from the past and a piece of living history of Waterloo Region.

Another highlight, and since we were at the Conestoga Mall anyway was a visit to the Waterloo Museum’s Agricultural Exhibition.

Later today and tonight we have two big parties for New Year’s Eve, this one in Waterloo and this one in Kitchener.

Upcoming, we have Shrek coming to Centre in the Square and some more fun for the kids, young and old. Yeah, the kids are off for another week but there is lots to do to keep them entertained.

Happy New Year


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