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August 31, 2012


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WickedWicked is currently playing at Centre in the Square. It’s a story generally around the Wizard of OZ, specifically about the Wicked Witch of the West. Most of the story takes place before Dorothy arrives in OZ. The play is a musical.

I don’t usually like plays. I don’t really appreciate this form of entertainment as a rule. However I did enjoy Wicked. The singing and acting was great – especially the Wicked Witch of the West – she is amazing.

First of all, the set is quite fabulous. The witches descend from the ceiling in bubbles (good witch) and brooms (Wicked Witch of the West). The Wizard’s mechanical contraption is steam punk wizardry with flashing lights and metallic voice. And of course there are lots of flying monkeys. The flying monkeys really creeped me out as a kid watching the movie The Wizard of OZ and they’re just as scary on stage.

Wicked is the story of how the two witches meet and became friends in college. In the beginning, the Good Witch more spoiled and self-centered than truly benevolent and good and the Wicked Witch wasn’t so bad at all. She was merely misunderstood and ostracized. It’s not easy being green. They are roommates and become friends but there is a shared love interest that complicates things.

I won’t tell the whole story, there’s lots going on: a love triangle, a crusade for animal rights, dysfunctional family relationships, stormy weather…

Wicked is a lot of fun. It’s won lots of awards and it is truly a huge and epic production. Go see it. It’s fun for the whole family.

I noticed that the bollards outside Centre in the Square have green emerald green lights in them, as do many of the street lights down Queen Street – Nice touch Centre in the Square. Read more about the story here.

Where: Centre in the Square

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