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August 12, 2012


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MoparfestMoparfest is Canada’s largest all Mopar Car Show.

In 1979 Moparfest was founded by the members of the Old Chrysler Corporation Auto Club. The club was established as a non-profit organization with a common interest of Mopar vehicles.

The members originally arranged a car show to display the members cars and later opened it up to include all Mopars. From that point forward every year it has grown just a little to become the size it is now. Over time it has expanded to become a two day show. It was also moved from Heidleburg to New Hamburg.

In 2011 there were 1,713 cars. 1163 were preregistered (eligible for the grand prize car) 530 more came in at the gate. The cars came from seven Provinces, seven States. 234 were shown for the first time. There were 224 cars in the club parking area.

There were 243 vendors from three Provinces and five States

For 2012 there will likely be well over 1750 collector and special interest Mopars, as well as 243 vendors and over 25,000 people in attendance.

Mopar (short for Motor Parts) is the automobile parts and service arm of Chrysler Group LLC. The term was first used by Chrysler in the 1920s and was introduced as a brand starting in 1937. Mopar parts are original equipment manufactured parts for Chrysler vehicles. In Canada, these were sold under the Chryco and AutoPar brands until the Mopar brand was phased into that nation’s market, starting in the late 1970s.

Mopar has passed into broader usage among car enthusiasts as an unambiguous reference to the Chrysler parent company, as the Chrysler name also refers to a company brand. The term has thus become an inclusive word for any Chrysler-built vehicle—most any Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial, or DeSoto, plus Jeeps and sometimes Eagle vehicles built after Chrysler’s 1987 buyout of AMC-Jeep. Thus, for example, a car club for owners of any Chrysler Corporation vehicle might describe itself as a club for Mopar enthusiasts

Where: 251 Jacob St., New Hamburg

When: August 18 & 19 2012

Time: 8:00am-4:00pm

For more information please visit website 

365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo was brought to you by Keith Marshall. I used to drive a Chrysler Neon.

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