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UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival

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July 7, 2012


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UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival

UpTown Waterloo Jazz FestivalThe UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival is sponsored by Sun Life Financial. It is an annual three day FREE music festival held in Uptown Waterloo. Encouraging all genres of jazz, this year the Uptown Waterloo Jazz festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. More than 35,000 enthusiastic festival goers will be entertained.

Sun Life Financial UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival is one of the premiere festivals in Waterloo Region. It was founded with the principle to sustain and promote the local jazz connection. The Festival grew out of an initiative of the UpTown Waterloo Business Improvement Area. The festival has grown from a few musicians playing on the street in front of a number of stores on King Street to encompass a diverse line up of Jazz music over three days with two stages while maintaining its commitment to be a free festival that the whole community can enjoy.

This years line up include:

  1. Manteca
  2. Holly Cole
  3. Shuffle Demons
  4. Emilie-Claire Barlow
  5. Alexis Baro
  6. Soul Stew
  7. Dee Dee & The Dirty Martinis
  8. Lori Nuic
  9. Jeff King’s Catalyst
  10. Wendy Lands
  11. Ranee Lee
  12. Brass Transit
  13. Tim Louis
  14. Jake Langley
  15. Joni NehRita
  16. Stealing Dan
  17. Mark Eisenman Quintet


 Where: Uptown Waterloo

When: July 20-22, 2012

Schedule: click here

For more information please visit website.

365 things to do is brought to you by Keith Marshall. Ever since I was in high school and I discovered the music of Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane and Bill Evans I’ve been a jazz fan. I will certainly be in the audience for two of these shows:

Holly Cole 

Holly Cole is a Canadian Jazz singer with an adventurous repertoire and a versatile and distinctive voice. I especially like her “Temptation” CD covering the songs of Tom Waits. I think all of her CDs have a gem or two on them. From “Girl Talk” to “Too Darn Hot” Holly Cole swings seductively. Don’t miss her show.

The Shuffle Demons

The Shuffle Demons are a Canadian jazz fusion band, who had a surprise Top 40 hit in Canada with their 1986 single “Spadina Bus”. I saw them that year at the Ottawa Jazz festival and I’ve been a fan ever since. The Shuffle Demons are a wild a noisy saxophone band that honk and toot like a gaggle of wild geese. The Shuffle Demons featured a fusion of hard bop and rap combined with exotic costumes and a no-holds-barred performance style. They rap. They swing. They honk. They toot. The Shuffle Demons have a devoted cult following on the jazz scene. This audacious group plays jazz, folk, world and rock festivals from Halifax to Vancouver and from Italy to Estonia, touring across Canada 15 times and through Europe 15 times from 1986 – 1997.  Over the course of 15 European tours they were a hit at several Jazz festivals including the North Sea Jazz, Molde Jazz, London’s Outside In Jazz festival, the Edinburgh Jazz festival, the Sfinks festival, and Jazz a Vienne. The Shuffle Demons continue to tour and performed at festivals in India, China and Europe in 2006 and in Thailand, South Korea and the USA in 2010 with great success. Don’t miss this show either.

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