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KW’s Greek Festival

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June 12, 2012


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KW’s Greek Festival

kw greekfestWhen I was in Greece many years ago, I lounged around with my traveling compatriots by day on the topless beaches, the patios and the dockside benches of fishing villages and coastal tourist towns. We were lounging carelessly, waiting out winter for the rest of Europe, our only care in the world was when the money ran out and what to eat next. I’d extended my flight home indefinitely. If anywhere, the next stop on my low budget european vacation was Turkey with the promise of cheaper accommodation, food, travel and sites to see. But Greece was pretty great and there was no need to move on just yet.

In Greece by nightfall, our choice of which restaurant to congregate in and enjoy calamari, souvlaki, spanakopita and a personal favorite – moussaka was the top Topkapi of topics. We’d eat, drink and folk dance like fools until the late in the night.

On the way home, we’d often grab a stray donkey or two and ride cheerfully to our destination. We’d set the donkeys free again and they’d turn around and head for home or where ever it is Greek donkeys go early in the morning.

When days get hectic as they have been lately in real life Kitchener Waterloo, I long for the days when I had one pair of pants, a backpack full of novels and the time to do nothing but enjoy the day and what it brought to offer.

I’m going to the Greek Festival this year. There’ll be fun for the kids: activities and face painting. There will be dance groups from all over Ontario. There will be Baklava which is a Greek pastry filled with nuts and covered with honey (not a ski mask). Truthfully, I’m going to the Greek Festival for the food but I’m staying for the nostalgia.

Where: 527 Bridgeport Road, Kitchener

When: June 16 & 17, 2012

Time: Noon – Night

For more information please visit website

365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo is brought to you by Keith Marshall, who has lounged carelessly in warm climates on both sides of the equator, (but Greece was first and that makes it special.)

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