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Kitchener Lawn Bowling

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June 13, 2012


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Kitchener Lawn Bowling

lawn bowlingWhen is the last time you went lawn bowling? If you’re like me the answer is “never”. Well how ‘bout that? Apparently it’s a fun and friendly sport and guess what? Kitchener has a lawn bowling club. It’s called the Kitchener Lawn Bowling Club. It’s been in operation since 1902.

This Saturday they are opening their greens for a pre-father’s day event raising funds for St. Mary’s Hospital, 6th Floor Chest Unit. The “Hit the Jack” event allows us all to try lawn bowling (probably for the first time) and win prizes! Here’s a chance to discover what the halcyon days of retirement might be like or strike lawn bowling off your bucket list or just enjoy an afternoon wearing a hat. Don’t forget your hat.

The Kitchener Lawn Bowling club is tucked away near the intersection of Highland Road and Spading Road. Its a peaceful parklike stetting with a long tradition. Trophies, photographs and memorabilia line the walls of the spacious, air conditioned club house.

The Hit the Jack event is a fund raiser to support St. Mary’s Hospital, 6th floor Chest Unit. A “Portable Pulse Oximetry Machine” is needed immediately for the 6th Floor chest unit. This machine is used by physicians and nurses to obtain accurate oxygen saturation and pulse readings very quickly.

For this event there are Grand Prizes for Fathers and Grandfathers – 2 first year family memberships to the Kitchener Lawn Bowling Club (approximate value $800).

How will this event run? Like this:

  • Every play costs $5 and guarantees one ballot to win one of many prizes!
  • Ballots by Fathers and Grandfathers will be collected and entered into our Grand Prize draw, and also the general prizes draw.
  • With each play, a bowler will get 4 attempts to hit the jack ball.
  • Each time a bowler “Hits The Jack” within a 4 bowl play, they earn another ballot in the draw to win prizes. They also get another 4 bowl turn to hit the jack again and earn more ballots. If a bowler does not hit the jack within a 4 bowl turn, their play is over.
  • A bowler can have unlimited plays (each play costing $5), during the Hit The Jack event.
  • The more you play, and the more times you “Hit The Jack”, the better your odds at winning prizes!

Where: 600 Heritage Drive Kitchener

When: June 16, 2012

Time: 11:00-8:00pm

Cost: $5

For more information please visit website

365 things to do in Kitchener Waterloo is brought to you by Keith Marshall. I don’t lawn bowl often but when I do I like to call balls bowls, lawns greens and fields rinks.

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