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National Chinese Acrobats with KW Symphony

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May 7, 2012


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National Chinese Acrobats with KW Symphony

KW Symphony KW Symphony accompanies the National Chinese Acrobats in an unforgettable performance of daring maneuvers, feats of strength, balancing acts, aerial displays, contortion acts, and more!

A once in a lifetime event! Experience history in the making as China’s world-renowned National Chinese Acrobats join the critically acclaimed Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony in a groundbreaking performance. These acrobats backed by a live symphony orchestra mesmerize and mystify with their stunning displays of the best in Chinese martial arts, illusion, acrobatics, music, dance and drama in a thrilling display of artistry and daredevil acts.

Where: Centre In The Square, 101 Queen Street North

When: May 11, 2012

Time: 8:00-10:00

For more information please visit website

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