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Grand Porch Party

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May 19, 2012


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Grand Porch Party

Grand Porch PartyLast year’s Grand Porch Party was a wild and seemingly spontaneous success. I was surprised and elated when I saw the crowds of people on the sidewalks and roads outside my front door and around my neighborhood in Uptown Waterloo. Note to self: clean up the yard and driveway. This year it looks like its coming together in a big way. Already, the organizers have 28 bands and performers lined up and more will most certainly be joining as the event comes closer. Some of those bands and performers already committed include: The Tra La Las, Jesse Maranger, Lynn Jackson, Hinindar, The Failte, Company Celtic Jam, and Silvia Dee and The Boyfriend.

The Grand Porch Party is a very simple concept. Invite local musicians to play on the front porches of Uptown West Waterloo. Let the people of Waterloo and Kitchener enjoy a free event in one of Waterloo’s favorite neighborhoods. It promises to be an easy, arty afternoon that connects people with their local environment, sharing streets and getting a new perspective on life, neighborhoods, music and the world. Actually the purpose of the Grand Porch Party is to raise awareness about the environment and help people discover the rich beauty of Waterloo Region and the talented people who live here. With that in mind, instead of plastering the neighborhood with posters and handing out flyers, the bands’ names and direction arrows are chalked onto sidewalks around the neighborhood. It really is an organic and litter free event. Last year it lead to the creation of the Uptown West Neighborhood Association, and this year the event has corporate (financial) sponsorship from Tamarack Institute and Insight Eye Care. All sponsorship dollars go directly to the musicians!

Where: Euclid to Roslin, Dawson to Alexandra.

When: June 10, 2012

Time: 2:00-5:00pm

Cost: FREE

For more information please visit website

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