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May 27, 2012


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DINOSAURSROAR this summer with DINOSAURS, THEMUSEUM’s exciting exhibition featuring animatronic prehistoric beasts. Walk amongst these towering “terrible lizards” as they stretch their tails, crane their necks and let out earth-shaking bellows all in life-like scenes. Don’t wait another 65 million years to see these DINOSAURS! – visit THEMUSEUM this summer!

What You’ll See

  • An Apatosaurus mother and her baby greet visitors with wide, sweeping neck motions. These peaceful plant-eaters appear almost friendly as they observe their surroundings.
  • Two Pachycephalosaurs butt heads in a show of herd dominance, like bighorn sheep are known to do today. Known affectionately by paleontologists as “bone heads”, these creatures show the skeletal specialization that many dinosaurs developed.
  • Demonstrating how she earned her name “Good Mother Lizard”, a Maiasaura mother tends to her nest filled with hatching eggs, while her juvenile offspring look on. This important nurturing scene teaches children that some dinosaurs cared for their young in a way similar to present-day mammals.
  • Representing a predator/prey scenario, an Albertosaurus chases a Euoplocephalus. Wearing a heavy armor of bone, Euoplocephalus was potentially a formidable opponent for the carnivore, swinging a club-like tail with a heavy ball of fused bone at the end.
  • A peaceful, plant-eating Tenontosaurus attempts to defend itself from an attack by four Deinonychus. With their large cranial capacity and developed limbs, Deinonychus are believed to have been one of the most intelligent species of dinosaurs, and these creatures give us an idea of how dinosaurs might have evolved had they not become extinct.

Where: THEMUEUM, 10 King Street West, Kitchener

When: Until September 23, 2012

For more information please visit website

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