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Westmount’s 100 Years – Illustrated History

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March 11, 2012


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Westmount’s 100 Years – Illustrated History

WestmountWaterloo Region Museum TALKS “Susan Mavor: Westmount – The Tie that Binds the Twin Cities: An Illustrated History of Westmount’s 100 Years”

Although I’ve only lived in Waterloo for just over a decade, I’m interested in our local history. I think it’s fascinating how industries came and went and how streets extended and neighborhoods developed. I’ve spent countless hours in both the Kitchener Public Library and the Waterloo Public Library, looking at old maps and browsing our history. I’ve learned through my research and as working as a real estate agent that here are some great neighborhoods in Kitchener Waterloo. Old Westmount is one of them.

When we first moved to Waterloo Region (from Taipei), we spent about half a year, getting the lay of the land, checking out different neighborhoods; researching to find great schools, proximity to pools and libraries were our two biggest criteria. We ended up buying a home in Westmount, not old Westmount, but in Westmount/UpTown. We like it for many reasons and we’ve recently moved to another house in the neighborhood.

It wasn’t until recently that I learned from a story in Grand magazine that Westmount was designed with Montreal’s Westmount neighborhood in mind.

Westmount started out as a desire for a “garden suburb” and had the initial help of the landscape architect who had designed New York’s Central Park and Montreal’s Mount Royal neighborhood. That was back in about 1912. It wasn’t until after 1930 and the construction of the Westmount Golf and Country Club that things really got rolling. By the 60’s almost all the lots had been built upon and Westmount had established itself as Kitchener Waterloo’s premier neighborhood.

A speaker series for active and mature minds. The Westmount neighbourhood in Kitchener-Waterloo celebrates 100 years of history in 2012. This talk will outline that history as well as survey the many archival resources, including diaries, letters and photographs, that went into the production of Mavor’s book.

Where: Waterloo Region Museum, 10 Huron Rd, Kitchener

When: March 12, 2012

Time: 1:30-3:30

For more information Please visit website

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