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Visit Schneider’s Wiener Beacon

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March 22, 2012


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Visit Schneider’s Wiener Beacon

Last year our historic Waterloo regional erection turned 50 years old. I wrote this post to commemorate the event.

Wiener Beacon: historical regional erection turns 50

Twelve miles from Kitchener, a landmark that is part of Waterloo Region’s history is celebrating an anniversary. The Schneider’s sign is fifty.

Think back. Fifty years ago today, beside the then only just opened 401, on the right hand side (heading west from Toronto) a symbol of Kitchener’s industrial power and a statement of our reputation for good quality, the “wiener beacon” was newly erected.

Although Schneider Foods was gobbled up in 2003 by Maple Leaf Foods, the Kitchener plant continues to operate, producing a wide range of products, “everything from premium meats, slow roasted the old fashioned way, to ultra-convenient lunch kits…”. I sometimes, on summer days go out of my way just to pass the “wiener factory”, so I can enjoy that great wiener smell.

This birthday is number 51. With the closing of our Schneider’s plant in Kitchener, I wonder how much longer the “wiener beacon” will light up our night sky telling us we are almost home. Go visit it before it’s too late. There’s nothing like a roadside attraction.

Where: 7290-7340 Maclean Road, Morriston

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