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Angie’s Kitchen

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March 18, 2012


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Angie’s Kitchen

Angie's KitchenAngie’s Kitchen has been a local landmark since 1962. It’s no wonder way.

I had a friend visiting and we were looking for a simple place to have brunch. We wanted a diner, a greasy spoon thats been around for awhile, a place where you can always get that awesome omelet, buttermilk pancakes or succulent little sausages any time of day.

We decided on Angie’s Kitchen in Uptown Waterloo. Nothing beats real diner food and at Angie’s Kitchen they have it all: Pancakes, eggs, fresh coffee…

I was wondering with the new Cora’s just across the parking lot, if  Angie’s business had suffered any, but its a totally different experience. Cora’s healthy focus (lots of fruit) might attract the younger crowd, it’s Angie’s that has the history.

Since 1962, this place has a real history with great rustic decor, old photographs on the walls and the furniture: tables, chairs and booths the stories they could tell.

Angies menu has a wonderful variety; pancakes, french toast, sausages, eggs… Angie’s is the place for genuine home-style cooking, good value and a relaxed friendly atmosphere that makes you feel you belong.

A bit of history.

Angie’s truly is a family business. In 1962, Bill and Angie Graham converted the front part of their home into a diner which seated 32. In those days, Snider’s Flour Milling Company and Waterloo Manufacturing were located behind the house, where Waterloo Town Square is now located. Two years after starting the business, Bill Graham lost his life in a tragic accident leaving Angie with five children ranging in age from 6 to 16. Angie continued to raise a family and run the business. The business expanded into a living and dining room, kitchen and sun porch of the original home. In 1971, Teresa and Michael purchased the business. The business flourished and Angie’s Country Kitchen in St. Agatha was opened in 1976. This building was formerly a hotel called the Traveler’s Rest and dates back to 1854.

Where: 47 Erb Street West, Waterloo

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