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The G33K Art Show

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December 16, 2011


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The G33K Art Show

WELCOME TO THE GEEK (and Nerd, Foxy Superwomen, etc.) ART SHOW

A gathering place for sequential artists (aka comic artists/writers), steampunk, fantasy, science fiction, gothic and other alternative craftsmen to showcase their work all in once place!

Looking for that special gift but you have no idea what to get? You know your brother loves Spiderman, but have no idea where to get it other than the cheesy Zeller’s lunchbox? Been wanting to branch out into comics but feeling intimidated by the stores, where you’re the newbie who knows nothing? Or, do you just want to explore a new avenue of art form?

Oftentimes, these particular styles of work fall under the radar of what we deem Art. Even the independent comic scene struggles to make it in the mainstream industries such as Marvel and DC. My mission in creating this event is for these artists to be given the spotlight in one easy to find venue, and give everyone a chance to share and network.

Where: The Kaufman Arts Studio, 132 Queen St.S. Kitchener

When: December 17, 2011

Time: 11am-4pm

Cost: FREE

For more information please visit website

365 things to do in KW is brought to you by the Agents of Change – Alasdair Douglas and Keith Marshall – If buying or selling a home is in your future, interview us to be your agents. We think there is a better way…and so do our clients! If you need art for your new house, maybe you’ll find something you like at the G33K Art Show.

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