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Grand River Film Festival

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October 18, 2011


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Grand River Film Festival

GRFFGrand River Film Festival is Canada’s premiere not-for-profit organization, created to foster intergenerational connection and growth. The organization programs Canadian and international films in a variety of genres for the general public and also delivers skills and professional development programs for filmmakers, young and old, networking opportunities and gala events. Grand River Film Festival is committed to programming high-quality films not easily available in Southwestern Ontario and providing excellent service to all its audiences, as it continues to build its reputation as a unique film festival and as a community social and training function.

The Grand River Film Festival (GRFF) is celebrating its 5th season in 2011 with the BMO SHORT Shorts awards, premiere screenings, special guests, great parties and annual Indie Lounge:

When: October 19 – October 23, 2011keith

For more information please visit website, visit GRFF year four, or visit 365 cambridge.


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