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Sleepless in Kitchener Waterloo?

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March 8, 2011


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Sleepless in Kitchener Waterloo?

sleep, sheep jumping over a fenceExercise is a way to relieve stress accumulated during the day. Experts suggest that exercise can improve the body’s ability to sleep, as long as it is done more than three hours before bedtime. But interestingly, study results for men show no statistically significant difference in sleep times between those who exercised and those who did not: both groups sleep for just over 8 hours a night. However, their quality of sleep does change significantly: the men who exercised had fewer problems sleeping.

Exercise did influence women’s sleep times. Women who exercised, slept 19 minutes less than those who did not. This result is somewhat curious since we would expect exercise to lengthen the sleep period, but the explanation is quite simple.

According to sleep diaries, women who exercised got up earlier in the morning. Perhaps they wake up early to go to the gym or to jog around the neighbourhood. Getting the exercise rather than the sleep may have been worth it since fewer of these women reported they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, at 29% compared to 35% of women who did not exercise.

Why is sleep so important to your fitness level and healthy lifestyle? Come out to this free session and find out everything you need to know.

The Importance of Sleep

Where: Columbia Lake Health Club, 340 Hagey Blvd. Waterloo

When Wednesday March 9th,

Time: 5:30-6:15pm

For more information please visit club


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