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Happy Pi Day

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March 14, 2011


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Happy Pi Day

Pi Day in Waterloo 3.14Remember back to math class, calculating areas of circles or cylinders or something of that nature and you had to use that crazy number, called Pi?  Well today is the day to celebrate this incredible number (and maybe enjoy some pi-e or pi-zza?)

Why Today?

Well March 14 is actually 3.14 (the first three digits of pi), 3rd month, 14th day so 3.14 – get it?

What to do on Pi Day?

The epicenter for Pi Day in Ontario is actually right here at Waterloo’s Math Society (University of Waterloo)!  There are plenty of celebrations going on down there.   Show off your skills by reciting as many digits of pi from memory as you can.  Or just hang out in a circle eating pi-zza pi and different fruit pi-es?

So, if you ever struggled in math and want to have a little fun with pi, or are a math genius and want to celebrate this unique and fantastic number, then head over to the Math Society on the 3rd floor of the Math & Computing Building at UW (Pi-zza from 11am-1pm)

Where: Waterloo Math Society, Math & Computing Building (University of Waterloo)

When: March 14 (3.14)

Time: 11am-1pm


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