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Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings ReCAP

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February 20, 2011


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Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings ReCAP

David Hoover art show in KitchenerI was lucky enough to get out and enjoy the amazing artworks of David Hoover on Saturday evening.  We ran into a bunch of friends, pals and acquaintances at the event and it was a great time!  David’s Graffiti style art is truly amazing and absolutely something to be seen!  (So we have some pics and videos for you today!)

David’s art is all about Layers in this show.  He successfully layers different items, textures, icons and his own graffiti handwriting all in one stunning image!  His works weren’t restrained to only canvas as well – many pieces were on old records or even skateboards!   After catching up with David for a few minutes during the show, he explained to me that the “writing” on the pieces were actually his “journaling”.  Essentially his thoughts or feelings, maybe an interesting quote that he liked, anything that spoke to him while creating the piece.  Each is truly something significant to David’s life, and a moment in time captured.

The event took place at local business Sign-Depot, where David also works during the day.  Often David creates his art in the wee hours of the morning (or late at night, depending who you ask), and then returns to work during the days.  This was the inspiration for the title of his showing “Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings”.

I made my way around the gallery a few times, each time different parts of each piece would speak to me – the layering intricate, seemingly random yet always having purpose and meaning.  I noticed shortly after, that many pieces were starkly changed at different distances of viewing.  One in particular stood out to me – A lady, from afar is seemingly beautiful, trendy and quite striking – but upon approaching, the “journaling” layers stand out more, and the woman appears harsh, bold and unfriendly.  I shared this revelation with a few others admiring the work, and they seemed to agree with my “theory”.  Whether or not, this was purposeful by the artist, I didn’t get a chance to ask…

David is truly a talented artist with a bright future ahead of him.  To contact him directly – please check out his personal blog here.

A quick video with the Artist, David Hoover:

Photos from the event: (Click to advance)

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