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Kitchener’s Activa Sportsplex

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January 27, 2011


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Kitchener’s Activa Sportsplex

activa sportsplexActiva Sportsplex is a 108,487 square foot multi-purpose athletic facility. Activa is a facility that thrives on energetic lifestyles of the young and old alike. Individual growth and skill development are encouraged through the various amenities offered, and a zest for life fills the building.

More than just an arena, it’s an outstanding community athletic complex that serves the needs of participants in ice sports, summer indoor sports, boxing, as well as recreational walkers. By providing more recreational facilities for residents to use year round, the environmentally friendly Activa Sportsplex helps the city to achieve its objectives of improving the quality of life for its residents and minimizing its carbon footprint on the environment.


Two NHL ice surfaces 200 ft by 85 ft

Twelve change rooms plus three officials change rooms all with access to shower and washroom facilities

Patrick J. Doherty Arena

Reserved seating for approximately 600

Kitchener Minor Hockey Association Alumni Arena

Bleacher seating for approximately 400

Arnie Boehm Training Centre (boxing facility)

7,500 sq.ft state-of-the-art facility

First permanent home in 60 years

Sun Life Financial Cardio Training Room

Located in the Arnie Boehm Training Centre

Cook Homes Ltd Study Area

Located in the Arnie Boehm Training Centre

Lyle S. Hallman Walking Foundation Track

A three lane walking track

Overlooks a mature forest and one ice pad

Open weekdays 8am till 4pm

For week nights and weekend use visit the pro shop for access to the track till 10 pm

Inside Lane Middle Lane Outside Lane
536 ft. 555 ft. 574 ft.
162.4 m. 168.2 m. 174 m.
1 mile 9.9 laps 9.5 laps 9.2 laps
1 kilometer 6.2 laps 6 laps 5.75 laps

Murray Fried Community Room

Capacity for 40

Kitchener Minor Hockey Association Administration Office

Where: 135 Lennox Lewis Way, Kitchener

For more information please visit website

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