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DROP-OFF your old Computer at RONA

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December 7, 2010


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DROP-OFF your old Computer at RONA

old computer drop off at Rona in KitchenerDo you have an old computer in your garage or basement? How about an old cell phone? Or a monitor? Or even a printer? This week that Rona, drop off your old and obsolete, unwanted computers, for free. travels Ontario offering e-waste collections throughout the year.  Key, you might be getting a new computer for Christmas. Here chance, to save 10 bucks per piece and finally get rid of that stuff you know you never use again.

Where: RONA Parking Lot Laurentian Power Centre, 730 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener.

When: This week only.

Time: 9:00am-9:00pm

Cost: free

For more information please visit this website

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  1. Jim Thompson
    January 30, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! myoldPC Returns to RONA on February 1st-15th 2011. We heard your call KITCHENER, and we are returning to 730 Ottawa Street South in Kitchener to host our third eWaste drop off Event OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at RONA! Visit or call 519-MYOLDPC for more information

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